Every player is a beginner once. Clash Royale has gained immense popularity amongst the vast multitude of gamers but the newbies find it difficult to understand in the starting. This article will guide you over different aspects of Clash Royale game.

The following contents are ideal for players who find the game difficult in the beginning or want to increase their knowledge about it. Beginners can excel at this game easily by following these tips and tricks. Even though players can get access to Clash Royale hack, here is a complete guide that can help you enjoy the most out of this game.

Try to reach Arena 2-3

Beginner Aid section is where all the new players can learn basics of the game and other advanced strategies. Some aspects learnt are the usage of spells, a guide to attacking and deploying and the mistakes that need to be avoided.

This section is a complete introduction to the game. Get to know the basics and learn different survival strategies. However, the new updates in the game require the player to change the strategies according to different situations. King Tower cannot always be beaten with an evergreen deck. Given there are 67+ cards roaming around, having a battle with an opponent can be a surprise. Buffs and nerfs often happen in the game so it is imperative to keep updated with the changes.

Master Meta in each arena

Choose Your Arena is where you can find the most helpful decks in the game. Different categories are made according to recent decks and cards. It can be used to obtain the advantage over the opponent or as a deck alternative when there is a sudden change in the algorithm.

After Training Camp is completed, you will head towards the first battle with your selected deck. Since there is an update every month on this mega battle gaming platform, it can be enticing to new players.

The section below will help you battle your way through distinctive arenas with a number of the spell, troops and building choices that will benefit players of all types and levels.

  • Arena 2: This is where new players meet and test their skills after going through Arena 1. Having a Baby Dragon and Witch in this arena can give you advantage.
  • Arena 3: This is the home to Spawner decks. Barbarians on this arena can be unlocked that can be a staple of your defence. Cannon, one of the most used defence building, can be unlocked here as well.
  • Arena 4: In this arena, average players examine their skills against each other. Hog Rider is the most utilized troop in this arena. This is also where you can unlock the first legendary card.
  • Arena 5: This is where the players can get Zap spell that pretty much popular in the higher areas.
  • Arena 6: This is the playground for level 7, 8 and 9 players.
  • Arena 7: This is the home for notorious Three Musketeers, Royal Giants and Princesses. It could be a stepping stone for players who want to battle the best.
  • Arena 8: This is the newest arena on the game which is the house of the Lumber Jack, Bowler and the Ice Spirit.
  • Jungle Themed Arena: It is full of Goblins and lone Executioner.
  • Arena 10: This is an old venue of the Legendary Arena.
  • Arena 11: It is a connection between Hog Mountain and Legendary Arena.
  • Arena 12: This is the Legendary Arena where you will face the best players of the game. No cards can be unlocked hereafter.

Study strength and weakness of the cards

It is just not enough to know the profile of the cards. There are two basic types of cards named ‘reactive’ and ‘proactive’. Knowing the type will help you determine whether your deck is a counter deck or a beat-down deck.

The game is getting updated frequently so you need to keep up with the changes. Getting knowledge about cards will give you the advantage over other enemies.

Proactive cards: It helps you create and control a situation by starting something in the Arena rather than taking a reactive attitude. These are the cards that are difficult to make Elixir-positive dealings and helps to impose the threat on Crown Towers.

These cards are to be played when you are comfortable that opponent cannot counter with Reactive cards. Balloon, Prince, Swarm, Minion and Hog Rider falls into this classification.

Reactive cards: These are here to make positive Elixir trade with opposing cards. The benefits of this card are that it can swing the game in your favour. However, these cards do not have easy targets.

Tips and tricks for beginners

Here are some tips and tricks that can help new players in the game:

  • Try creating a balanced mix of your units from the beginning. Include some stronger as well as weaker units.
  • Do not become panicked if the opponent is exerting some pressure on you.
  • Do not throw all the units forward at the last minute. Pay attention to the fact that you main towers are protected.

Tactics and strategies

Here are some simple hints that can help you with making good strategies:

  • Play your cards until the elixir meter is full.
  • The ranged troops must be shielded with strong combat units.
  • Victory must be secured if enemy’s tower is already destroyed because you have an advantage and can respond to the attacks very well. This is true with strong players. It is recommendable to focus on tower destruction most of the time.
  • The towers can defend very well amongst most of the opponents. For instance, a fighter is not needed to be deployed if a weak goblin attacks the tower. The tower will take little damage but has the ability to withstand it.
  • Make good utilization of taunts in the chat bubble that is located at the bottom of the screen.

The bottom line

Here was a complete guide on how to play the Clash Royale game. However, all players can develop their own strategies to reach a higher level in the game.