DH Games has come out with a complex, yet amazing game name Idle Heroes that is out on Android and iOS mobile platforms. It is a successful incorporation of RPG element. The primary objective of the game is to build a strong team of heroes.

The game begins with a tutorial which will guide you through the basics of the game. It will shed light on the mechanics of the games, how to play heroes, upgrade them, summon them and much more. After completing the tutorial, players can handle things manually.

What do we have to do?

As the name implies, it is an idle game where the heroes attack automatically. The only task is to build a powerful team of heroes.  Before beginning the battle, the most powerful heroes are to be chosen. The game is initiated with low-quality heroes. The beginning levels are easy but the game gets difficult with progression.


Heroes are categorized into five types: 1-star, 2-star, 3-star, 4-star and 5-star. As the star increases, the power of heroes increases. There are many ways in which heroes can be acquired:

  • Collect shards
  • Summon
  • From the marketplace
  • Battle event
  • Prophet tree
  • Casino
  • Friend Search

Acquiring 5-star heroes is not an easy task. Basic summon can be used to get low-quality heroes. It can be obtained by getting victories in the battle. Heroic summon can be used to get high-quality heroes. Crystals can be used to get this feature. Heroic summon is one of the ways to get your hands on powerful heroes.

Tips and Strategies

Even though Idle Heroes Hacks can be used to enhance the overall experience of the game, here are some tips and strategies that will supplement your understanding on how to play the game and build the best team of heroes.

Play the campaign

The game features a campaign where new rewards for heroes can be earned. It even features the idle system so it is not necessary to remain active in the game in order to acquire rewards. An option also allows you to set the heroes in auto-fight in battles. New equipment and resources can be earned in the campaign mode.

This equipment and resources can be worn by the heroes and be later used to upgrade. Better rewards can be received with advanced missions so it is imperative to play the campaign mode. It is a more convenient option since the player is not required to be active while playing the game.

Quests and battle rotate every day

New quests and battles can be experienced every day. The daily quests and battles don’t require a lot of time and they will even offer good rewards. It even enhances the understanding of the heroes which allows us to use them more efficiently.

If you want to get easy rewards and resources, then consider this option on the regular basis. All the quests and battles are different from each other offering a different experience every time.

Collect diamonds

The main currency of Idle Heroes are the diamonds. It is important to save them in order to make purchases when you really need them. Diamonds can be earned easily if you are a pro-active player. Play different game modes, complete battle and quests and keep progressing in the game to get your hands on diamonds.

It is recommended to use diamonds for 10 Heroic Summons because getting 5-star heroes at the start of the game can give you an edge over other players. This will really boost the game as your heroes are better and the chances to win the battles will increase.

Understand the creation circle

Creation circle is a place where heroes can be sacrificed that are not in use to make better heroes. Useless heroes can be sacrificed to receive things which can, in turn, be used to create better heroes.

However, a hero cannot be recovered once it has been sacrificed. So sacrifice the hero carefully. Once you have your hands on 4 and 5-star heroes, then sacrifice level 3 and under heroes because they will not be of help anymore.

Team building tips

The game is all about collecting and adding better heroes in the team. In the beginning, you will hardly have any good heroes in the team. Which means the game will start with a weak team. The main goal of any player must be to jump to as many 4-star heroes as soon as possible. 5-star heroes are the most powerful ones in the game as mentioned above.

Until and unless you obtain all 5-star heroes in the team, stick to the best 3 and 4-star heroes. It is recommendable to keep the best heroes last in the row so the weak ones die first. The last line of heroes will be the main game-changer. You can also determine how good the enemy is by looking at the rarity of heroes. Rarer heroes are better ones.

There are many other ways in which the power of heroes can be upgraded. The main attributes of the heroes are attack power, health points, speed and defence. The attributes can be increased by upgrading heroes. This will enhance the performance of hero in the battle and you will be able to defeat the powerful enemies.

You can also equip the gears to make heroes more powerful. These gears can be obtained by getting victories in the battles. High-quality gears will increase the attack and defence power.

Evolution is another important task of the game. The hero can be evolved once milestone levels are reached. It also unlocks skills of heroes so keep on upgrading and evolving heroes to make the team stronger.

The bottom line

Idle Heroes have gained immensely in popularity but many players are still unaware of how to build a stronger team in the game. Above are some tips and strategies that can help all kinds of players to succeed in the game and get a better experience.