Recently introduced at the Hi-Rez Expo 2018, Paladins X, an upcoming battle royale-style game mode has gained immense popularity in the gaming arena. This article will guide you through different aspects of the game giving information about everything that one needs to know.

What are Paladins?

In Paladins X, the players will drop into a large map, larger than the previous modes, and fight against other 100 players to grab the title of last man/woman standing. The mode has used a similar gameplay like Fortnite and PUBG. What distinguishes this game from others is that it concentrates on a team of up to four players.

Teams will be the primary focus in Paladins X. The players need to coordinate together in order to become champions. The player will be able to select which character they want to play out of a pool of eight random Champions. This makes each and every game feel different.

Operating in a team has a lot of benefits in Paladin. Once knocked down, you will turn into a chicken. You can then head towards a teammate to be revived. Furthermore, the complete map is not revealed at once. The players are required to explore the area.

The game is basically about survival this is why it is important to choose the rights carefully. As the matches progress, the characters in the game become more powerful. It has been anticipated that matches will end between twenty to thirty matches.

How can Paladins be played?

Paladins X is released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is a free-to-play game. It can be more exciting on the PS4.

How does loot work?

There are typically three ways to get more powerful in Paladins. Either you can rummage through the loot chests that are all over the map or just grab the items of someone you have just killed. Furthermore, zeppelins arrive on the map time to time to drop powerful chests on the map. One can receive the upgrades from looting these items, however, you can expect every player to do the same stuff.

What will be a storm cloud?

If you have ever played a battle-royale game, you must be aware of the concept of a storm cloud. The purpose of this notion is pretty much similar across all the games. In order to make the game more interesting and prevent players from hiding in the map and waiting for a moment to eliminate the other team, the playable area shrinks with time.

This encourages the players to operate within the playable area. This brings the players closer together making the game more interactive. This is why players are required to constantly look for new loot so that they remain as much power as other players in the game.

Tips to play Paladins

Even though many players tend to use Paladins hack to enhance the overall experience of the game, here are some tips and techniques that can help the beginners to climb the ladders of success.

  1. Like any other game, the primary goal of any other player in the game must be to stick to the objective and complete it. You are absolutely wasting energy, time, cooldowns if the battlefield is being strolled just for kills and not reaching the ultimate objectives. When adopting a certain play style, ask yourself how it will be beneficial to the entire team. As mentioned above, it is a team game and needs to be played in such manner.
  2. A team game involves a different set of skills and different positions. Knowing how the team would collaborate with each other is important than just stepping into the battleground. It is imperative to understand how the fight would be engaged, how to counter specific types of attacks and how to cover your weaknesses. This would obviously come with experience.

Many teams tend to follow certain practices only like having two tanks all the time. It is important to have the support class as well. They help to heal the teammates. In a nutshell, it is vital to understand the importance of having a balanced team.

  1. Paladins is a first-person shooter game. But it doesn’t mean treating the game like Call of Duty. Being self-starters and a lone-wolf in the game is just not enough. This is not how you will win the game.

The only way you can be the last one standing is by having a pre-planned strategy. Stay together as a team and work as one unit. All the five characters are different in the game. It is important to operate as one unit and work together. Aid the team in whatever role you are.

Map guide

As mentioned above, map in Paladin is very big. The reason behind its size is to avoid chaos between 100 players at a time. Here are some insights into the maps:

  • There are some areas of the map which are termed as winter zones. The icy areas must be just for the purpose of aesthetics but some of the locations entail Guard, Ice Watch, Ritual and Summit.
  • Normal zones are the mix of forest areas and open grasslands. Normal zones may consist of areas like Elven Road, Homestead, Market, Manse, Serpent, Shanty, Gun Town, Clay Clove, The Bottom, Three Towns, Unknown Tomb, Martin’ Way, Stable, Knight’s Fort and Jaguar.

The Final Word

Paladins Battleground is not meant to solely cater the existing fans only. It tends to attract more gamers with its new play style. However, it is important to learn how to develop teamwork before getting into the actual gameplay. Learn how different characters work and what the basics of the game are.

Above is a comprehensive guide to different aspects of Paladins. If you are an avid gamer who loves the game like Fortnite and PUBG, then Paladins is a must play. Make sure you go through each and every aspect of this guide to develop a better understanding of different points in the game and enhance the overall experience.