Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, or rather termed as PUBG as per the world calls it, has been under constant pressure due to the competitors in recent months but the game is going nowhere for a very long time.

The game is improved with fresh developments and updates every now and then making it an exciting experience for most of the players. This even encourages an inflow of new players and the return of pros who might have just left PUBG behind.

Nevertheless, the game may still be a source of wonder for newbies. Not only because the game holds an exceptional place in the gaming industry but due to the challenges it imposes in the first place. Even though PUBG hack may get a norm in near future, this article is a complete guide to different aspects of the game.


A Battle Royale shooter, PUBG is a game where a greater number of players compete against one another in a single map. The last person standing is considered the ultimate winner. The map becomes smaller in time forcing the players to get closer to each other enhancing the ferocity of the competition overall.

The players begin with null armour and equipment and must find their way to different structures to unlock different gears and weapons. The game can either be played solo or with other players in the team. Each mode may be played with a different strategy, however, the gameplay is same at the core. It can be played from a first and third-person perspective.

Tips for dominating the battleground

Here are some of the tips compiled that can help you dominate the battleground:

  1. There is an equal chance of you spawning into either map, Erangel or Miramar. It is imperative to familiarize with both of them. Both the maps contain immense details. Play multiple matches on each map and try to learn the ins and outs of them.

Explore and discover different places. Make efforts to drop into different places during the first games to get an experience of all the locations. When choosing locations, just don’t jump as soon as you see land. Also, don’t for the plane to take its full course. Locations that tend to be far away from playable areas would not give you any sort of experience. Feel free to figure out a travel route. Take time to study the map before deployment.

  1. There are many ways to advance through each way. Some may be right while others may be wrong. It is better to adopt a more systematic approach. For instance, hiding out in a building to avoid being picked off by others rushing to the same destination is a good strategy once the maps get populated with playable zones. It is recommendable to avoid contested zones before it becomes necessary.
  2. The best way to prevent dying in PUBG is avoiding anything that has the potential to kill you. The most prominent threat is the players, of course. For instance, if you see someone enter the building, it is not advisable to barge invade the room with your guns blazing.

Rather, move to the nearest structure and proceed with a safer mindset. Even though the cities contain a lot of loot, they are highly concentrated with players so it is better to stay away for your own survival.

Make your way form isolated building to building in a safe manner. Keeping the close watch on each and every movement that is being made. Since everyone else will be moving the same direction, make sure each and everything in the surrounding is observed. Make your way through trees and shrubs. But that doesn’t mean crawling your way through large distances since it can kill the field of vision.

  1. Vehicles are safe asylums in PUBG. It works as a protection in firefights and sometimes even like a simple barrier to hide from others. If the situation gets to dangerous, just get some cover. Vehicles are optimal for getting back into good position if you find yourself well outside a specific zone.

There is a wide variety of vehicles that can be used in PUBG including dune buggies, motorcycles, boats, SUVs and old-school camper vans. It is recommendable to find a covered vehicle since open-roof buggy and motorcycles can be easily targeted. Waterways are open to attack as well. So it is advisable to abandon the boats as soon as you reach the destination. Also, keep in mind that there is fall damage in PUBG.

  1. Even though have a stealthy approach is recommendable in most of the cases, there are going to be times when you will come in conflict with other players. For that situation, a firearm is needed. One of the first things that must be done after landing on the map is to find a suitable weapon. Ensure that gun is reloaded in periods throughout the travel since it would not happen automatically when ammo is picked up.

After possessing a gun, it can be used to intimidate other people who are engaged in the combat but this may not work in each and every situation. One way to avoid a gunfight is to fire the weapon away from your position. Given the excellent sound design in PUBG, a pop of gunshot in silence may be sufficient to deter other players to take you out.

However, if you find yourself in a position where it is impossible to avoid confrontation, then there are some practices to survive the encounter. Even though it may not sound respectable and honourable, you can go ahead and shoot people in the back to take them out. It will give you an edge over others. Eliminate them without giving them a chance to fire in return. Also, alter the tactics according to the weapon in possession.

The bottom line

PUBG is a strategic game. The guide and tips above can help you develop good strategies, nevertheless, one may experience a different situation every time. You will learn more through experience and practice.