Super Mario run APK free

You will be able to download Super Mario run APK for free Super Mario run has been trending across the Internet since its release. This game has come out months after a successful campaign with Pokemon Go. That game has been widely regarded as one of the most successful and most influential games to be made till date. The hype it created across all ages and people was amazing to see. All young and old were engaged in the game, that’s what makes it a brilliant prospect.

Super Mario run APK

Unlike Pokemon go, Super Maria run will come at a cost if you are looking to download. Pokemon go was absolutely free to download, whereas Super Mario Run game will cost around £8 ($10) to download. This has created a rage among many players who believe this is a very heavy price to pay for a game that will be played on the phone. Nintendo has experimented with this idea of making the game not free and to see how desperate users are playing this game. Before its release, there was a lot of hype created with the advertisement made among in man platforms such as Social Media, Tv an even in the front page of the app store. This made everyone aware of the upcoming release.

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Despite the big price tag, users still purchased the game; Nintendo reported earnings of $20 million in the first four days. This is not good considering the expected results were to surpass that in the first few days. It has been labelled as a flop with many of the users in Japan giving the game a mere 1 star. It now is no longer the most grossing game. Although, they had an impressive amount of downloads, which was estimated at 40 million in the first four days. But what let them down was the conversion rate, they made the first 3 levels free. Which meant, initially it was free but if you wanted to get the full version if the game. You had to splash $10 in order to purchase the game. Yes, many downloaded the game but only as less as 4-8% converted.

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This conversion rate was very poor; many have put it down to the price tag. If it was made more reasonable and a price which was more affordable. IT was likely to have a conversion rate of potentially over 20%. But £8 just to play the game is simply too much unless you have a true passion for the game. At the other hand, Pokémon go is totally free and now they make over £1 million a day in revenue just from iPhone users alone. If Nintendo replicated the similar business model, they were more likely to generate a more substantial revenue from this.

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Already over 40 million users have downloaded the game. If it was made free and allowed the opportunity to play the full version. Users would be more engaged in it and than playing it on a daily basis, resulting them to earn from advertisements. There are many advertising platforms, which would show a lot of money in order to buy a space in the game. With the majority of the market and the users being from UK and USA. It would have opened a huge door for revenue stream if they had opted this way. But it will be interesting to see how they will change their business models in the upcoming days.